Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Cancel That!

 I was listening to Mike Rowe [ the voice of Deadliest Catch ] talk about the Cancel culture in the U.S. and I was horrified. Apparently schools named after the nfounding fathers of the US are being renamed because of the deeds which now would offend.

I called in to get my paper and the server [ Lady behind the counter but you can't say that anymore ] as asked if "he" had been named yet - the young man who assaulted a young woman in 1988 and now was a Cabinet Minister of the Australian Government... I retorted "proving anything after 30 years would be hard" but she countered and said he was "still doing it 2 years ago" [ where that information came from is a mystery but she believes it ] so the Minister of Government will be "cancelled" due to an annonymus letter sent by "friends" of the woman who made thw claims of assault 30 years after the event. It reminded me of how school held everybody accountable for the actions of one.

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