Monday, March 01, 2021

Listen, Learn, Lead!

 One of the many mistakes I made when I was concinced to "retire" was to stop listening to podcasts on my walk each morning. Anyway I have corrected that! One of my podcasts of  choice is John Maxwell. He reminds me evry time he talks of my advice to paeople reading either napoleon Hill or Norman Vincent Peele - if you are not a person of faith or not a Christian, ignore those bits... the message is for everybody.

So today he recounts talking to a CEO ofa software company and that the best improvements came when the leadership team "just shared ideas". The basic premise is that when 10 people share 1 idea each every one has 10 ideas - the one they came with and the other 9 ideas shared! The surprising outcome of 10 ideas  experiment was that we have had that wrong... when you put two ideas togther you often get a third being the "idea sex offspring" of the two that have been thought about and often the idea is totally new...  [for more on this, listen to James Altucher talk about his daily ideas exercise - on his podcast of course] so there is wisdom in the saying Listen Learn and Lead [ an idea not acted on just dies!

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