Friday, March 05, 2021

Horse shit to that!

 I was reminded that the problem of the turn of the 20th century was that the great cities of the world were being covered in the left overs of the fuel of transportation. If you have walked the streets of London [ I have!] there are very high curbs. These cirbs were to stop horse shit being washed into the downstairs of houses when it rained - which is most days in London. This unsolvable problem was solved with the rapid introduction of the motore car... horses were returned to the country, the plague of horse droppings stopped and the unsolvable problem was solved....

Fast forward to the start of the 21 st century and the cities of the worl are being killed by the left overs of cars' fuel CO2... This morning I was listening to Peter Diamandis talk about there being no left over to the current electric cars and although the take up rate is slow [Less than 5% currently] electric power stored in batteries will drive the world and cure "Warm house gases". Peter says we get 8000 times more power from the sun than we use... batteries solve the issue of storage, and will be the modern day cure to horse shit.

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