Monday, November 01, 2021

Price Goughing

When people in Perth could tarvel there were 14 planes a day to Bali. Rather foolishly I thought I might be able to fly when other Australians could... November 1dt 2021.

I was listening to a podcast called allthe Hacks by Chris Hutchins and he had a Cheap flight expert on - the type og guy who can get a return trip from any where in the US to Milan Italy for under US$200.[His name is Scott Keyes]

Anyway, when asked what was the best source of cheaps flights the guest Scott said "Google flights"

I tried to find the cheapeast flight to bali and it was $1800 vis Sydney KL or Singapore compared to AUS $200 before covid... today I got a price alert that the price had gone up to $8500. Hell, that is not bad money if you can get it!!

Anyway, silly me, people living in Perth even if doubld jabbed can't fly in 2021!!

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