Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Are you keeping your commitment to yourself?

I have been listening to the views of Andy Frisella of The MFCEO Project and the REALAF Podcasts. I remember when my son, Matthew, said I should listen [That is word of mouth working] he also said you probably won't like the language [There are lots of the MF word} and Andy sounds perpetually angry. Well I listen with the filter on [I don't hear the MF words] and he sounds less angry the more you agree with him.

I am doing his Program 75 Hard which is about building self discipline and I remember him saying that to complete the 75 Hard, each day finished at midnight.

One of the things I have set myself is to do 20,000 steps a day instead of going to a gym. At 9.30pm last night, I was at 16700 steps and I didn't want to start over so, at 9.30pm, I went walking to get passed the 20,000 steps goal that I set myself - it felt good to do it but I was hoping nobody stopped me and asked "what are you doing?" so, I have know gone 46 days without missing a step in the process.

Podcast Link "The RealAF"

Link to 75 Hard

Listening to Andy is like watching the news on the ABC and then on Fox and wondering what is the truth. I commend you have a listen and test your beliefs. [ Yes it is challenging ]

My challenge is to get you to start thinking for yourself.

Sidenote: I would like to thank Marlene R, who took me to task for poor grammer in the last newsletter - the wrong word used - I used sort rather than sought in the piece about WWE.

If you want to follow my ramblings, you can at the Boy from Margaret River Blog where you can learn, unlearn and relearn.

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