Monday, November 22, 2021

New is Best!

I remember being one of the first people to have a twitter account.... engagement was high and results were great... Twitter works differently now!

Gary V says you should be always looking for the new thing... in 2019 he was talkng about instagram and Tictok... but he said you have to be prepared when something stops working... like Periscope and clubhouse...

The other thing Gary V says you shoud post up to 25 times a day and have somethin diferent for each platform.

The thing I got was that whilst twitter works differently to how it used to [when I had about 10,000 followers I got up to 400 interactions a day - now with 100k followers I am lucky to get 10 interacrions a week.! that doesn't mean it is not working - it is working differently!]

So, I will try to find the newest thing and experiment on it.

    Todays # Hashtags.
        1.         #NFT
        2.         #Jab
        3.        #GST
        4.        #Tim
        5.        #DickHeads
        6.        #CricketShame
        7.        #Vax
        8.        #DieselSubsidyShame
        9.        #Protests
        10.       # CopAnti-Vax

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