Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Aaah bikies make good headlines!

The bikies have pushed covid and Cloe off the frontpage for our daily newspaper - the West Australian - apparantly, for a bounty, an ex sas sniper, agreed to shoot three bikies - the bounty was apparently $1 million.

Anyway, that is what has made the front cover of the local press.... the same story about the wrong use of check in codes on the Safe QR app we must use when going about our business - I remember hearing the Police commissioner saying as the law allowed it it was gong to use the information although Premier Mcgowan said it would only be used for Covid... so they rushed through a amnedment on the pretext that the original law was poorly drafted... all this is supposed to reassure us... but still the border remains closed.

If you want to hear the alternative narrative to how America is handling these resrictions to our liberties, may I suggest you listen to the Andy Frisella Podcast REALAF which gives a view that no media gives air to. but this example of the use of QR codes against the actual words of the law makers is interesting considering the comparisons Andy makes to what is happening in the US...

He predicts that masks and vaccination will be made mandutroy soon... hangon I think that is the case here in Australia and the UK - be vaxed or you can't work!!

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