Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Little Girl Found!

Only if you have been under a rock, you would have missed Cloe Smith going missing 18 days ago. Well, against all the odds, the police announced today they had "rescued" Chloe from a loocked house, in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

The cycnic in me says the press were happy to run with the story of Cloe missing so they had a different front page to Covid, Climate Change, and Nuclear Subs.

Well we are back to normal tomorrow!

        Todays #Hashtags

            1.        #NFT
            2.        #Jab
            3.        #GST
            4.        #CloeFound
            5.        #Cop26
            6.        #Gladys
            7.        #FrenchSubSnub
            8.        #Netzero
            9.        #FifoFiends
            10.      #70/80

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