Friday, October 29, 2021

Have you everheard of Web 3?

I remember showing people how the web changed from Web1 to Web 2... and I just heard for the first time the term Web 3 which the people talking about it say that it has been enabled by the blockchain, bitcoin and FTS... examples of web 1 creating fortunes are Microsoft Web 2 spat out Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter - Where it crated wealth for people like Zuckerberg,Page, Brin, Bezos,Dorsey etc... and think of Web3 creating a whole new collection of people with wealth...

The example is a music artist that used to need a contract - Web1... then spotify conctrols music distribution Web2 and now they have NFT's for their music so tey get paid eveytime the music changes hands... think of the wealth created by the song Yesterday - how much did McCartney get in Web1 [ he was tricked into selling the copyright by a lawyer ] in web 2 spotify pays very little to the copyright holder - nothing to McCartney but in Web3 McCartney can sell a nft for his new music and each time it changes hands he can get a royalty... in which version does he get paid the most!

    Todays # HashTags

        1.    #NFT
        2.    #Jab
        3.    #GST
        4.    #70/80
        5.    #Ageism
        6.    #CloeMillions
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        8.    #DUIEagle
        9.    #NukeSubs
        10.  #ClimateWar

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