Wednesday, December 01, 2021

60+ you should set goals because you have a long time to go!

Did you notice that really old people succumbed to Covid - people aged 80, 90, and even 100+ My grandmother died at 63 of old age, my mother didn't make it that far, my fther was 75+ and my aunty was nearly 90. People are living longer- in 1880 people in the US had a life expectancy of 39, that changed in 1930 to 58 and is currently 79 with more people living passed 100 than ever before.


The goal setting books that impacted most peoples lives and now are freely available - like Think and grow Rich were written when people lived to old age of 60... now if you are 60 the chances are you will make 100! My simple question: what is your 10 year goal? I shortened mine to 90 days because people coule believe that but after 2 years of Covid, I have reset my goals to at least 2032 because I will live that long and more.

I want to challenge you to start to think about the most productive years of your life!

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