Monday, October 18, 2021

Racist Nonsense... can babies be racist?

 One of the things that people have given into is this idea that you are born with "priveldge" I don't buy it... Opptortunity is available for anyone who wants it - most people don't.

I am proof of how brought up in the same house with supposedly the same influences the results are different. I read the book "think and Grow Rich" on November 11th, 1975 - Which coincedentially is the day Gough whitlam was sacked and it changed my life by introducing me to goal setting... there is a saying that looking forward time takes forever, but when you look back it goes in a flash. Since I read that book I have travelled the world, beeen in business been fined by "those who want to stop ptogrss" etc... but I am considered to have achieved much but I wasn't born that way. It came from an idea that I acted on!

Maybe those opportunities are available to you but don't allow those who want to to label you as disadvantaged by your skin coour, ethnisity, or social upbring... Australia wants you to succeed and shove it up those who think that "the world is against you."

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