Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Covid has changed how the world will work!

Covid and the changes... very early on, I was asked how long would this crisis last - I thought we would be back to normal in 6 months - I was wrong and I think we will be doing stuff differently for years to come. That habit of daily checking your mail box will take years to chnge - today I watched my neighbour check the letter box - it should be called a "Bll Box" because those are the only things that come now - and I did too but we got mail yesterday and Australia post doesn't deliver everyday now!

People will stop going to the "office' everyday because working from home is no acceptable... that means CBD areas will Never recover!! I remember people looking down their nose at me when I had a serviced office [ that was in the tallest building in Perth's CBD }, than I had a shared space but that was in the Business Area of an outlying suburb but now I right this from my home office... I let the post Box go as in 12 months the only piece of correspondence I received was the account to renew it [ the post box ] I remember going to Bali for a maybe conference - When you could travel - those get togethers are over zoom now... so no$$$ on travel, accomoation or conferences.

The vaccines that we have have been developed at warp speed but I didn't realise that the normal time fram was 10 years not 12 months! Australia's biggest state by population hits 70% double jab today even with the antivax croad doing their best to stop it.

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