Tuesday, October 26, 2021

When is too old too old?

Did you know that when Australia introducedthe old age pernsionin 1909/10 65 was set as the male age but life expectance was only 58 - therefore most peole would never qualify to get a pension. Since then life expectancy had increased to over 80 but we haven't adjusted when someone is considered old.

Ageism attached old to plus 60 based on OLD information - When most people live passed 80 shouldn't we change that. As someone who is passed bing "Old" but feeling "young" I have set myelf to start a resetting of what can be expected.

My thoughts were triggered by a podcast today that spoke of a 73 year old starting a business.... I have a target of 2025 to reconstruct a life....

Will you come with me on this trip?

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