Saturday, October 16, 2021

Andy Swears but his heart is in the right place!

I am on a health kick - get back to the shape I was in at 18! I am also conflicted about being in Western Australia where 82% of people [according to a recnt poll] are happy to be locked up with hard broders... I am one of the 18% who are not happy with the restrictions.

So, to get a different outlook, I have been listening to the podcast of Andy Frisella and he challenges listeners to do his program #75Hard. So, I am doing that... luckily go back to zero after one day isn't an issue... I hate selfies but you have to do one each day... and I am on a eat very little diet but he says I sould be on a formal diet... the selfies is easy which I will start today but the diet is an issue but I will sort it by the end of the day... maybe 1000 calories a day regardless of what I eat might get there so I am starting day 1 again.

    Todays # Hashtags

        1.    #NFT
        2.    #jAB
        3.    #75Hard
        4.    #70/80
        5.    #Telethon7
        6..    #HardBorder
        7.    #Rove
        8.    #82%Mark
        9.    #Democracy
        10.  #Squidgames

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