Friday, October 01, 2021

Strange things!

If I told you it was raiing in Perth - would you believe me? Well it is and it is strange getting wet!

And Australia's favourite hardware store is getting bigger with the ACCC approving the purchase of  Beaumont Tiles. when favourite stores are lined up, mine are on an equal standing Office works and Bunnings where I can "shop" for hours, not get what I came for, but end up buying loads of "stuff". It is said that if you need to drill a hole, get a drill from Bunnings on Friday and return it on Monday after drilling the hole, and get a full no questions refund [ as ling as you have the receipt ]

Todays # Hashtags

    1.    #NFT
    2.    #MineDeath
    3.    #Twiggy
    4.    #Jab
    5.    #Covid
    6.    #Submarines
    7.    #CrownsdodgyMillions
    8.    #Copshooting
    9.    #Quarantine
    10.  #OpenBorders 

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