Friday, September 22, 2017

Petrol Pricing - why is it cheaper on Monday?

Thoughts for Today 12/500
The weather is still rainy in Perth.. that's right it is the local football grand final AND the Royal Show - it ALWAYS rains for them... so it should be good next week!
Gratitude List:
Small actions mean so much. We visited an elderly aunt who has given up on having to get ready every day. My sister is a hairdresser - oh what a nice hair do, a little bit of colour and some lippy - the difference was amazing bot for my aunt and for my sister... the ability to do little things!
How e love the BIG animals... Perth Zoo have just received their new giraffe - and everyone one is talking about it. Whether they should be in Zoos is another thing but hey it beats rich dentists shooting them for "pleasure."
Change - not always good but always thought provoking! On my travels today I thought I would stop and have a quick look at the latest Musical instruments at shop that has been there for the 45 years I have been in Perth. Holy Shit - a 24 hour gym was there - no place to twinkle the ivories... Good or bad but I have the luxury of thinking what I want to think.
Have you wondered why hens cackle after laying an egg?? Well I have... the things that amuse. Apparently it is a mating call and is the rooster so he knows she is ready! I always wondered why a rooster with 20 hens always looked stuffed... well now I know.
Petrol price cycle. I paid $1.02 for litre of petrol on Monday - today at the service station I walked passed to get here it was $1.33 a litre - what other product or service could raise its price 30% in 3 days and get away with it??
They can't blame all the obvious things - the $$ has appreciated and the price of a barrel of oil has gone down - both should have made petrol cheaper.
They take us for fools... and we play along - waiting the to cheapest day in the price cycle to buy.
Quick before it goes UP!
I had this strange though - maybe it is a staff rostering trick?

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