Monday, September 18, 2017

Gambling Ads - no more please

Thought of the Day 9/500
The inner ramblings of Wayne Mansfield
As always, let's start with what I am grateful for:
That I can contemplate taking a holiday cruising the Mediterranean next year with Joanne for here 65th.
Pressure sprays so I can try and remove clover from my front lawn
Scanners - so I can send details to a friend and not have to reenter stuff
All of these are actually the fantastic result of being born into the first world - a 1% problem which is a joy really.
Interesting Uses for Red Wine - Fruit fly trap.
Apparently fruit flies LOVE red wine - so I am allowed to drink empty a fruit fly trap - otherwise known as Merlot - and then place it next to Joanne's fruit trees. We will see!
I haven't ever smoked, I love a red wine and other vices BUT everywhere the gambling ads!! Give me a break guys - I have been watching nirmal television a bit more in the last few weeks with the arrival of the IQ3 box from Foxtel and it seems 2 out of 3 ads are for gambling - of course the government gets its cut so they want it to continue... but hell, not everyone wants to lose or do they?? [ Gamble responsibly - what a joke! ]
So you can find me:
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Wayne Mansfield Merlot Fly TRap

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