Sunday, September 17, 2017

False headlines... Wayne Mansfield

Why Can't we see under water

Thought for today
8 / 500
So to start to Sunday morning... apart for feeling deflated because my football team [ The West Coast Eagles ] when down without much fight, here are a few things I am grateful for:
Stevie J the wonder man still giving fans joy - even if he isn't playing in the right colours - and to bring that joy to me, live full colour Television - as a kid in Margaret River in the 1960's we had TV which needed a 100 ft aerial to get a signal and sometimes it was the South Australian ABC instead of Perth and there was this amazing thing called a test pattern which we watched for hours. We had real football then with the West Perth team being my favourite
Shirley from down the road - her cauliflower pickles was a amazing - home made stuff is amazing!
And my Victa Mower - I get unbelievable pleasure mowing that small piece of verge lawn.
And my RANT:
False headlines.... Margaret Court seems to be an easy target - the headline says she has been kicked out of her Tennis Club due to firmly held views of traditional marriage where the article says she was a losing candidate in an election for a patron who could give the tennis club lots of time. Why has our traditional media gone to the click bait model. No wonder they are now consider irrelevant.
And my daily Brain Puzzle - why can fish see better under water that humans??
Apparently it is because our [ human ] eyes are more water like than fish's and therefore don't refract light in a way that gives clear vision. In simple terms, fish eyes are more glass like than ours.

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