Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Is it time for Bruce to fade away....

Breathing a little easier today - with the help of Diana Ward my amazing webmaster/web host /genius the website is back up - so from Friday at 10 am to to day 7am Business Seminars Australia was a business only in my imagination - all up and running now - new website [ I learned some stuff in the last few days ] new host, new... new... new - old one still RS [ and boss doesn't give a shit]. And a favourable mention for a young man in Manilla from Telstra who not only fixed my issues on Sunday, rang me yesterday to see if everything was still working... I nearly fell down with shock BUT how is that!
So I am grateful for:
Diana again
Patience mine although those around me weren't so sure you would call it that.
and Terry and Elizabeth checking I was OK
Thanks everyone.
Did you know that scientists are divided on whether dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago or not... If they didn't which ones have survived... well birds are just miniature dinosaurs!
Bruce McAvaney has reached his use by date - do a Denis Commetti and retire mate. If Dusty Martin wasn't such a young good mannered tattoo hero, you would have spoiled the Brownlow telecast!

Article by Wayne Mansfield


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