Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dung Beetles Doing Their Thing

Thought for Today 12/500
Everyday I learn more about the system... I uploaded the wrong type of image yesterday - a animated gif - and Facebook wiped out my words... I didn't realise that is what happen before but twice a got the lesson, and I will guard against doing it 3 times!!
My sister is visiting and as always, she is good for a laugh. So I am grateful for laughter - helped by big doses of Mrs Browns Boys!!
Rain and nature for the renewal it brings.
And Donald Trump who is giving those "who are always right" so much to write about.
The wet weather will be great for the dung beetles in Western Australia - and they are natures fly control squad. Dry weather means no beetles and millions of flies... so, a bit of sun and everything will be great....
Why do the main stream media make such a thing about sports stars... by creating role models to aspire to they glorify short term fame above work. I don't know, maybe you can aspire to be the world Champion of marbles and the world will beat a path to your door... maybe!!

A DUNG beetle feasting

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