Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why don't Ladybirds fly away in fear

Thoughts of the Day 10/500
So today I am writing before 6 am I thought as you got older you slept more... apparently not!
What three things am I grateful for today [ there are more but I will share 3 so you get the picture... ]
Nicole Kidman such an Australian Treasure - she is always great value for those idiots in the popular press. I think she was with Keith who the Woman's Weekly says she has divorced recently [ funny that ] and she kissed her co-star from the series she one the Emmy for - I think she funded the series too and she forgot to mention her kids with Mr Kruse but wasn't that the daughter that didn't invite her to her wedding... but after all, people they are actors!
And I really like Foxtel because they give the ABC something to measure themselves against - they are so polar that the middle is always sensible.
And AGL for running ads of their power station being reduced to rubble will hawking it to Malcolm...
And I should add a clear brain so I can enjoy this nonsense!
Why don't Ladybird Beetles fly away?
Apparently they are so sure they smell terrible that they have no reason to scurry away when we get close. I also hear that they are poisonous to eat but I haven't tried one yet.
Why does main stream media continue to show scenes of "conflict" about the same sex marriage debate. If we just let people ticket their form in the privacy of their own space and get on with it.... I am sure life would be better.
This is NOT Wayne Mansfield
But hey, screaming professional uni students make good reality TV and you don't have to pay them. Cheap talent!

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