Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Getting Old Doesn't Have To Suck

"Are all politicians liars" Wayne Mansfield
Thought for today 11/500

I have already written this before... and I wanted to load a pic of Pinocchio but it was a .gif and that stuffed everything up. I shall not do that again or it should be in a different order.

OK what am I grateful for:

Today I realised that I am of the age where previous generations were in real trouble... my grandmother died of old age at 63, I have lived 10 years longer than my own mother [ who died youn ] and I am in spitting distance of outlasting the years on the clock of my dad. So, I am grateful "Getting Old Doesn't Have To Suck"

I can truly see another 20 years into the future and I read that scientists have agreed on 117 as the normal "end of life" And I am reminded that the age pension was set at 65 when the majority of people died before 40!

Reading - I am grateful for reading so I can continue to experience new things and also that I was "experimented on" at school and taught speed reading so I can read a book a day.

A Nonsense:

What would happen if we stopped collecting honey - would we drown in the stuff... Now that would be a sticky ending.


Why do we let politicians get away with election lies?? The Labour Party in Western Australia got in on a promise of NO NEW TAXES... and now we have street protests in Kalgoorlie due to a Gold Levy [ Hey that isn't a tax?? ]

so as long as we still elect the best liars we will still get shit politicians

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