Thursday, September 28, 2017

Can you put out the sun with water

Thought of Day 18/500
If you are interested in some insight to the tech boom may I suggest listening to the podcasts of Jason Calacanis. His recent book ANGEL shows [ really ] how he turned $100k into $100 m He is a seed investor in Uber now worth $70 Billion.
He says that the one overriding factor as a predictor of success is that the founder has stickability... and this carried me through the last three weeks when it seemed that every day I thought it was going to be a good day the Universe said - not yet Wayne.
Anyway, yesterday was a GOOD DAY... and it will keep me going for a few more yet.
I am thankful for:
Friends from afar - add to the list Croz and Terry
Ringo Starr of the Beatles - still going strong at 77 [ who would have thought hey and a new album out now.. ] I just love "With a Little Help from My Friends ]
The Cat Blu who didn't take "Hey I am working" as a reason why I shouldn't play with him yesterday. Hell he plays hard - I suppose it is tiger in him [ after all he is a Bengal - mini tiger ] and the scratches hurt for a while.
If we had a fire hose long enough could we put our the fire in the Sun. Apparently not... it is a nuclear fusion and water would evaporate before it could do any good.
Australia has a shortage of gas for domestic users - what?? We are the world's biggest exporter, and we don't have any for us... bloody politicians asleep at the wheel again.
And the greenies won't let us mine any more - maybe time for that desert island guys.
I need a longer hose!
This reminds me of Ayn Rand's writings... the fiction of 70 years ago becoming true.


  1. Since my son is a FireMedic, your cartoon drew me in. Glad that it did, because you have a great message about persistence.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jim I appreciate it