Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How can you tell if an elephant is aroused...

Thought for Today 17/500
Maybe the universe is having a rest - I woke to sales in the system, the website working still and email system performing at 100%. Sometimes stickability seems the wrong choice until it isn't. Double dutch but you know what I mean.
Yesterday Facebook Live flashed saying my friend Shazar was LIVE - there she was in India in a car reporting on her life as it happens... did I mention she is just 21+ a few years - who says this stuff is for kids.
So, here goes... Gratitude
Friends around the world... Shazar in India and a video of a bull elephant from Botswana from Deb.
Croz's Book finally arrived... just in time to piss me off [ in a good way - where is your book Wayne? way ]
Japanese lunch in Noranda - I remember eating Chinese in Bunbury when I was 7 - 59 years ago and it was so exotic! How times have changed.
Would there still be tides if the moon exploded??
apparently no... so I hope that crazy Korean guy doesn't try to blow up the moon.
Seems I wasn't the only one who thought Channel 7 lost the plot with the Brownlow Medal. Lots of calls for Bruce to retire!

Is this a boy or girl elephant??

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