Monday, September 25, 2006

Resource for Mac Poker Users

As we all know, poker is huge at the moment, with new tournaments, large array of game types and places to now play. It comes as no surprise therefore that internet poker has increased in popularity. Up until now, online poker for Mac users has been somewhat disregarded.

That is until Poker On a came on the scene.
Poker On a Mac offers Mac users an interface that is Mac friendly, as well as provide a vast wealth of resources for players.

For one such as myself who is still learning the basics of Texas Hold'em, the article section is a Godsend, providing much needed hints and tips to further better my game. This is especially the case on the Poker Tournament Strategy section, that deals strategies to help you play better. There is the opportunity to develop my skills in the free poker rooms, until I am ready to play for stakes in the more professional rooms.'

It is an excellent resource and well worth checking out.

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