Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Death of AdSense

Everywhere you look you will see: The Death of AdSense

There is a lot of "" being written about this report.

I think you should read it: by following this link:

And make up your own mind.

This is what Eric Giguere is syaing - he is THE Google Adsense guru:

There’s certainly some truth to the assertion that things changed rapidly for big-time AdSense publishers after this change was made. It didn’t take long for advertisers to start excluding their ads from the content network, especially for pricey things. But it’s kind of like crying wolf — after all, many (most) of the big-time publishers were making their money using MFA (made for AdSense) sites that really didn’t profit the advertisers when compared to the ads that were shown on the SERPs. So the smart advertisers use split campaigns now, paying less for ads shown on the content network than those shown on Google’s sites. Why not? It’s what I’d do (and in fact what I do do) as an advertiser.

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