Monday, September 25, 2006

A New Way of Getting Around

Given the recent warnings about global warming and the somewhat disturbing documentary by Al Gore, people are looking at new ways to reduce their daily carbon emission. Also taking into account the price of oil these days, the prospect of alternative forms of transportation are looking more and more vialble. Many people are tossing aside their car keys, and are instead opting for cheaper and more conveniant forms of communication.

Scooters in recent years have become a great travel option due to their small size, cheap operation and low maintenence. I was recently directed to a site that offered an environmentally viable option that wouldn't break the bank. Enter Urban Scooters.

This website offers cheap scooters and bikes, in both gas and electric form. They offer large discounts, free shipping, and brands of scooter that are well known and reliable.

For those who could use such a form of transport, these scooters are a cheap and environmentally friendly option, particularly in the urban environment.

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