Sunday, September 24, 2006

One for the Tech-Heads!

For those who love their technology (I know I do!) here is something interesting I was given today. Digitallife is holding their annual exhibition event, that boasts hundreds of the worlds top technology and gaming brands, including Alienware, AMD, ATI, Best Buy, eBay, ESPN, Game Stop, Intel, Logitech, Maxim, Microsoft, NVIDIA, XBox, and more.

As well as featuring all the latest in technology and entertainment, there is also guest spots by select celebrities on the day, and the unveiling of new technologies by the companies.

Normally tickets are $15, however if you go to the website and enter the following code, you can receive free tickets!
ticketing page
Free ticket code: INSIDER

Its a huge exhibition, and definately worth a look.
The event is to be staged in the Jarvis Center, NYC.

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