Wednesday, September 20, 2006

after watch 'it2i2'

Robert Llewellyn stumbles across a remarkable story while making a documentary for BBC.

Robert Llewellyn (you may best know him as Kryten from Red Dwarf) has created a mockumentary that falls closer to the first than the second.

it2i2 (it stands for It Thinks Therefore It Is) is a mockumentary about the possibility of an artifical consciousness living on the internet. It postulates that not only is such an intelligence out there - it found us before we found it. And now it likes to play with air traffic control systems.

Llewellyn, playing himself, creates a small world in which everything seems connected. From crazy programmer nerds, to private detectives and government watchdogs, everyone knows what's going on but won't tell him

It appears that something strange has been happening on the vast complex network of the www and the people who do, don't want it made public... The IT2I2 is the Robert's journey to uncover the truth behind this growing mystery. He interviews a variety of techno-heads, some of whom know about this phenomena but are unwilling to talk about it and some who are proud of their involvement In its creation. He is stonewalled by government officials and corporate suits; it is even suggested that the man he finally hunts down as the main culprit may not be a man but a computer generated representation of a man, albeit a rather overweight one!

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