Friday, September 01, 2006

Paulo Coelho - A Favourite Philosopher

Paulo Coelho is currently retracing his pilgrimage of 20 years ago, and he writes about it in his blog - Walking the Path. Here is a link to the blog and the current posting.

What the path means By Paulo Coelho on Walking The Path

Dear reader:

I have been on this journey since 20 March, this being the way I chose to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of my first pilgrimage on the Way to Santiago. This has taken me to three different continents (Europe, Africa and the Far East) and has enabled me to come into direct contact with thousands of readers, since the moment I decided that it was impossible to celebrate anything without their presence.

At Puente de la Reina I held my first autograph afternoon without any “official planning”, and since then I have managed to combine some organized meetings with other absolutely spontaneous ones. All these autograph-afternoons were followed by parties where together we commemorated the meaning that the path holds: encounters. To commemorate, celebrate, discuss, dance, and respect the mystery of life, but at the same time to understand that we are not alone in this mystery and that we need to share our enchantment with other people who understand our way of thinking.

On 19 April I created this blog together with Paula Braconnot, so that all these experiences could reach beyond physical space and enter virtual space as well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paula for her professionalism, love and dedication, which overcame all the technical difficulties.

My next stop before going back home will be Germany, where I will attend the World Cup as guest of FIFA. As I don’t think I will be able to say anything new about football, today I am bringing these texts to an end. Any comments will be most welcome, so that we can perfect the idea of having a blog for occasional conversations.

On 22 June, God willing, I shall be returning to my point of departure, the old mill in the Pyrenees, and right after that I go back to Brazil.

You can continue to talk to Paulo Coelho through the blog Warrior of Light

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