Monday, September 04, 2006

Outside Your Comfort Zone

By Robert Smith

Every year that goes by it gets both easier and harder to make money on the Internet. It gets easier, as more resources and knowledge become available and it gets harder, as more and more people enter the marketplace selling the same or similar products.

Success is all about having a dream, and then actualizing it in the real world. It's easy to build a dream, but you must follow up with action to turn it into reality.

Creation Is A Two Part Task

To create anything in reality, we must first create it in mind. We live in a physical world - we see and touch things. Yet, reality exists first in mind. In order to ACHIEVE, first we must CONCEIVE. Martin Luther King first said "I have a dream," then he went out into the world to make his dream a reality.

Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

I used to be a long distance runner. A running friend of mine, Steve Prefontane, set several long distance track records over twenty years ago. Some of them have never been bettered.

I asked him for the secret of his success. I asked how he seemed able to win almost every race he entered. He told me he did not believe in talent - he believed in effort and in commitment.

He said, "If you are not willing to go beyond yourself, you will eventually stop yourself; you'll stop improving. The very nature of a 'Personal Best' is going where you have never been before." He went on, "I win because I am want to win more than anyone else, and I am willing to work harder than anyone else in the race, I'll pay whatever it takes."

Enlightenment Doesn't Care How We Get There

We need to be willing to go outside our personal comfort zone in order to learn the things that are keeping us from achieving success. We must be willing to do what we have never done before to succeed. By definition, it's always uncomfortable to go beyond your comfort zone.

Be Prepared To Be Uncomfortable

It is much easier to learn new things if we have prepared in advance. Most people put off learning anything new at the point where it starts to feel uncomfortable. The important work STARTS as soon as it gets uncomfortable. That's where the REAL accomplishment begins.

So prepare yourself to be uncomfortable. Start your learning curve early in the day while you are still alert & fresh. Resign yourself to the notion that you will not quit when the going gets rough.

In distance running, the uncomfortable work is done gently - pushing your personal limits a little at a time, day after day, just a little bit at a time.

Challenging work takes a toll, and recovery is as important as the work itself. Breakthroughs usually occur soon after we take a step back to recover. When we step back, it's easier to see things more clearly. God made the world is 7 days - the seventh day in creation is the day of rest. The seventh day is also the day of fulfillment.

Stretch the Limits

We are all capable of so much more than we think we are. But if we are not willing to push ourselves outside our comfort zone, we will never discover our ultimate capabilities.

When we desire to accomplish something is sufficiently strong, we attract whatever we need for success. We must be willing to travel a less comfortable path in order to achieve our goals.

Getting Free Of The Nine-To-Five

Most of us still work at a job. Think about why you work for someone else. The boss is the boss because he did his homework. Some of the work was new and uncomfortable, but he did not let it stop him. He pushed beyond his comfort zone. He made it, and so can you.

His dream attracted the unique lessons he needed to learn. Your boss had to be willing to be uncomfortable long enough to push through. Most importantly, he did the bulk of the work BEFORE he made a dime. In fact, he probably invested his life savings in his business.

Develop a Franchise Mentality

Look at a typical franchise operation. People buy a franchise to avoid repeating someone else's uncomfortable groundwork. The franchise supplies a proven marketing system, and you usually supply most or all of your life savings.

Most franchises succeed precisely because people invest so much in them. They put themselves into a position where they can't afford to fail. On the downside, you never totally own a franchise. Usually the franchiser wants and deserves to keep part of the action in the form of residual income.

Now It's Easier Than Ever

The Internet has made it much easier to turn a dream into reality. Affiliate Programs work a lot like a franchise operation but without the high cost.

Selling products produced by others is more comfortable online. In most cases, you don't even have to buy the product to sell it. In addition, most Affiliate Programs are free to join. You can create your own affiliate program to recruit others to sell your products.

Start with your passion

We develop special expertise in areas in which we have a strong personal interest. Information is the engine that motivates the Internet. Developing your passion is the key to success. Start with your passion and what you already know, and then develop your own product.

Summing Up

In order to be successful we must learn to treat our business like a business - not a hobby.

Contrary to the hype you read everywhere, it's not easy to be successful in any business. If it was easy, anyone could do it, and everyone would be successful.

By Robert Smith

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