Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True

Could you mention my web site in our newsletter? I need your help in order to get my e-marketing program up and running. I'm trying to sell off copies of my book.. Thanks for your help! Read on...

Could you mention it in your newsletter? It would be of great assistance to me. I'm going to be sending out the following letter to my email friends, but there aren't a lot of them.. I have a lot of books to sell.. I ordinarily sell them for $12.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.. I am offering them at $10.00, shipping and handling included to get them out of my warehouse. Here's the copy of my letter.

I've just been advised I should sell off all of the Remaining First Edition hard copies of my book The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True, in preparation for my new marketing campaign for the new and revised edition which will be coming out the first of the year.. I have to dispose of All of the copies!! They usually sell at $12.95, with shipping and handling added. on.. But in order to clear out the stock I am marking them down to $10.00 per copy, and this will include the postage and handling for a limited time offer.. I will even personally autograph your copy, if you subscribe to my newsletter. They are really easy to order, you just click on and you can order there. Be sure to go to the home page and download your Fre*e copy of Wishing Instructions too! The old Wish Factory is just $10.00, and the new hard copy will be $19.95. Because Wishing Instructions will be included in the new copy, they might not be a fre*e download anymore either! Click here and enter "subscribe" on the subject line if you would like to sign up for my F*r*e*e weekly newsletter, where I give you all kinds of Self-Help materials, as well as F*r*e*e downloads of Self-Help Materials I've found invaluable in my growth. Just say "sign me" up, and I'll put you on the list. Then as soon as I get my email management system in gear, I'll put you on that list. There will be a spot on there for you to opt-out as well if you get tired of hearing from me.

The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True is a book that helps people in more ways than I ever imagined when I wrote it!! I have testimonials from numerous people, including Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul. . He and his co-author, Jack Canfield, used The Wish Factory as a reference when they wrote their book The Aladdin Factor. The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True also won First Prize for Inspirational Works from the Women's Press Club of Indiana.

All of a sudden all of these new things are coming at me, and it is almost overwhelming! I hope you can help me out. Order a copy now by going to and sign up for my F*r*e*e newsletter by sending me a note with "subscribe" on the subject line

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