Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Car navigation systems - What to buy

Car GPS systems promise to guide you to almost anywhere in Australia. How good are they? Have you had any idea for that? If your answer is 'NO', please read this article...

I tested 5 portable car nevigation systems for 1. in-car performace; 2. Ease of us; 3. Road safety and generally I found big differences in performacne, and some general limitations. So before you buy one, think about how often you usually have to use a street directory or map when diriving, and whether it's worth spending hundreds of dollars for those occasions.


Price: A$799

By far the best in-car performance. In particular, best in tunnels and the CBD. Also easy to use, easy to install, esay to operate, best screen in daylight, good verbal instructions, good sound quality. The volume of the voice instrucitons adapts to the car's speed. It has bluetooth, which means it can communicate with bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers and other devices. But it donesn't give as many verbal instructions as some of the other tested models, lower road safety score and claimed battery life (which only matters if you're using it away from the car, in the car it runs off the car battery). It donesn't come with a printed manual neither, and comparatively heavy.

GARMIN Streetpilot c320

Price A$889

It is has a good in-car performance with esiest to use, installation and operate. It does come with best verbal instructions and sound quality while good road safety score. Among those three test GPSs, it has the longest claimed battery life. But the screen very reflective which really really bad in the daytime, the bulkiest shape of the tested models, and comparatively heavy.


Price: A$999

It ahs the best road safety score and the lightest and smallest in the test, also very dood printed manual. But it is not as easy to use as the top two: very reflective screen, advance route planning much more diffcult than with others, comparatively poor sound quality. It takes longer than the other tested models to plan a route.

So that basically all form my test, if you want to know more, please visit
sat nav from currys

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