Thursday, August 31, 2006

Relaxation at the Work Place

Relaxify? Relaxify. Relaxify!

Love that word. Okay, wordsmiths, I know - if it were a word, I’d love that word.

Even more than the would be word, I love all that it stands for - CHILLIN’. Irregardless of what’s going on around you, with you, to you, or (my favorite) - because of you - to relaxify is to sort of shake off the stress and settle on down into your own little groove. has a great post dealing with this very thing. It’s all about “setting” a relaxifying scene around your workspace. There are some really great tips that we all could use from time to time.

I keep things around my workspace that serve to make me smile (like a little stuffed bison) and/or chill me out when life gets cute (like a stack of pictures taken from Pensacola Beach or Kentucky Lake - I’m not sure why, but water relaxes the bejesus out of me).

Have an amazing and relaxifyng day! ~Joi of OfficeFreaks

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