Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What's your excuse?? ASPERGERS! Give me a break.

Give me a break - you are just a turd!
If I had been numbering my posts, I wonder what number I would be up to?? I will never know.
Today I think I will have a shot at all the outing of personalities that is going on. I think about the "holier than thou" class who are the glitterati, and all the preaching they do and think... why did you wait for 20 years to do this??
When a hero of mine, Rolf Harris was exposed, I was in shock not believing it could be true. Well apparently it was and everyone was "at it"
Latest is Australian Gardening Guru Don Burke... everybody knew he was an arsehole but he was a ratings machine so he was allowed to continue... and I now tend to believe the stories because he rolled out an excuse... if I did these things I don't remember or best yet, I have Aspergers. The little turd. Are you saying it was OK because of that or that all people with Aspergers are like you???
In Australia at least they don't threaten to go to Canada... that's a blessing for Canada.

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