Friday, November 03, 2017

When is it a perfect time??

What time is it??

Nearly missed Though of Today today - nothing worked this morning... internet was RS, chrome was playing up, and windows 10 updating... so I thought lets give it a miss.
I mentioned yesterday I was Unit sitting waiting for the internet connection but that didn't happen - the cleaner wouldn't let the Telstra guy in - small general with big power over shit - so I am back today - in the end the Communications box wasn't even locked so he could have done his stuff... so I am back waiting patiently so I have time to do Thought for Today.
Front page of my local daily paper had a picture titled "Pure Evil" of a young women just convicted of murder... apparently she killed a young man to research her horror book plot. And of course the Constant Negative News love those stories.
So, now I have written a few words I will read and contemplate until the ISP guys gets here.

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