Thursday, November 30, 2017

What will the future look like? Who knows?

Should we ban strange head gear!

This is a bit political today!
When Pauline Hansen was first elected to parliament she was railing against Asian Migration to Australia and about 30-40% of Australian agreed with her.
Now circa 2017 she has Muslin Migration in her sights with 30-40% of Australians agreeing with her - the number of people concerned about Asian immigration has reduced to >5%.
Will our concerns about Muslim influx similarly reduce over time?? The major difference is that there is a very small number of Muslim immigrants who have decided to "undo" anything that is Australian and NOT assimilate. This wasn't the case with the Asian migration or after the war European migration.
So the issue is how to stop radicalisation of you Muslims... yes the very small number.
Unfortunately nobody knows what the future will look like.

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