Thursday, November 02, 2017

Constant Negative News have a BIG day

Daily News - read all about it!

Thought for Today 53/500 -Originally posted in Rebootology
The news people were in 7th Heaven yesterday with the ISIS attack in New York - I think more coverage in a few hours than the whole month since Las Vegas. Make you wonder doesn't it. I do think The Donald will be emboldened by it! Let's see.
And the Kevin Spacey matter goes on and on!! I wonder if nobody has gone to Canada ye because the Canadians have a good person test on their visa applications?
And the Australian Parliament continues to implode... geez the Constant Negative News boys thought all their Christmases had come at once...
My modern office experience is still taking shape... not used to being "in with the cattle" but at least the parking is cheaper in Osborne Park [ $8 compared to the city at $40 ]
Maybe when I was last "going to work" I was actually the boss - and now being one of the mob just doesn't jell. Let's see how it goes,
I am on Unit sitting duty today whilst the ISP comes and sets up my daughters connection... that will be interesting... sometime between 1 and 4 pm??
Australia Post sent a note yesterday saying my delivery had left the Post Office [ that was time stamped 6.35 am ] and I should wait patiently for the delivery... it arrived at 3.57pm. I suppose I could be happy and celebrate its arrival.
Anyway, this sounds like it is - a whinge!! Sorry!

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