Saturday, November 04, 2017

Are you a shoe girl??

When One pair of shoes is never enough

Thought for Today 55/500

Back to normal - out walking at 5 am [ had to feed the Bengal [ Blu ] before leaving... he has all of us trained well.
On my walk I listened to a podcast about the recent "hoo ha " about sexual harassment and it caused me to pause and reflect.
One of the examples I use in my seminars is how Zappos send to shoe sizes when people order shoes as they have realised that sizing is the most critical of all the factors to determine a soe purchase... and we know that ladies buy lots of shes where as men make do with one or two smelly pairs. I use the term "Are you a shoe girl?" and my audiences nearly always acknowledge they are and every so often one lady says she isn't that into shoe...
My thoughts - in this upside down world am I in danger of being accused of sexual harassment?
I think it will come to that so I will modify how I share this story - sad bloody world we live in....
And for anyone who was offended - I will try and modify my delivery moving forward - I was going to say "Suck it up sister "but I think that would make it worse!
Oh I am so glad I am entering the adjustment phase of my life [ last 25 years through to 90 ] and I can blame being from a different era for me.

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  1. My wife buys me shoes, I don't need the shoes. The women I know need shoes and several pair. Why, I have never figured this out.