Monday, November 06, 2017

Maybe you should appreciate ADHD??

Did you exercise it today?

Thought for Today 57/500
Each mornings walk I listen to podcasts and today I was listening to Edward M. “Ned” Hallowell, who studies ADD and ADHD which he says are wrongly diagnosed as disease - he says, and I have long believed, that they are a different way to think. He adds that if it is a disease it should have been called the Entrepreneurs Curse - that active mind that makes people create stuff.
Along the same lines an active brain and connections allow you to super age - maintain your "marbles whilst growing old gracefully. To help this have an enquiring mind and do puzzles - jigsaws and cross words are interacting with you and keeping your brain healthy.
My adventure with outsourcing continued yesterday - the jobless young woman turned out to be the co-owner of a 6 person company who are really quite good at what they do - it could be called marketing or deception - but it is so annoying when the ruse reinforces your belief about a group of people - and with more than 1 billion of them it can't always be true... can it.?

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