Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The race that stops a nation

The Melbourne Cup

Thought for Today 58/500
The day that stops a nation - Australia's Melbourne Cup. They even have a public holiday in Victoria for the race day.
Can I make an admission - I have absolutely no interest in the race, will not have a "flutter" and don't even know which horses are racing. Yet, here in Perth, a nation away, about midday, nearly every citizen of Western Australia will glance at a Television screen and for 3 minutes or so be lost in the running of The Great Race. And many of those people here in Perth won't go back to work, they will imbibe too much of food and drink, and probably be impaired tomorrow too.
And back in the real world - the politicians continue to act as children working out whether they are real Australians or not. Our Parliament is embroiled in a saga of soap opera importance... are they only Aussies or are they DUAL citizens?
And people wonder why we hate, politicians, actually more than lawyers, used cars salespeople and insurance agents [ although they have died out!]
And an aside - does anyone actually read my Thought of the [To]Day - yesterday I had feedback across all my platforms and actually by phone too about peoples experience with ADD and ADHD... so thanks for letting me know that I am not just "pissing into the wind"

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