Sunday, November 05, 2017

Is prejudice a positive or negative?

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When do prejudices harm you?
Yesterday I started on upping my output for social media as I get ready to publish DONE! doing more with less the book, and some of the advice recommends outsourcing - in Australia we call it subcontracting.
I used which is an Australian listed public company... so that was a good start.
The first bids were from all over the world - the normal suspects - Pakistan, India, Philippines etc and then some from Australia and the US... Rate from $2 / hour to $25... so skill would be important. And there is a lot of advice of how to award a job.
So, I award the job twice and will compare results...
Here is what happened and where prejudice comes in... I asked for help from Freelancer and got none - I didn't expect any so I was not disappointed... have you found that help desks rarely offer any help? [ prejudice ]
One contractor agreed to terms - and asked for an example, and my feedback on his example, and said the job will be ready early.
The second contractor agreed to terms, then wanted to change rate [?] then did some work, amended it, and asked for early payment - and my prejudice kicked in.. I have a saying which would get me into trouble now... "How do you know a [ put in where they are from ] is lying?? Their lips are moving."
And to reward my prejudice, the contractor who is showing all the signs of traits that my prejudice say are from [ put in where they are from ]?
My question is - is prejudice a positive or negative in a 2017 connected world?

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