Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What having no power does to your day!

Earlier on Monday I talked to you about it raining in Perth - I didn't mention it was stormy -with wind  and lightning etc and we experienced what comes with that - Power outages!

So I was ready for a very productive day until the power went out - The day, through no action by me, was ruined! I have lsitened to Grant Cardone on a podcast talking about there being no power in Miami which mucked up his day and he could influence that in the future.... how I thought? And he said he could get a genrator. His reasoning was 1. power outages happening every year in Miami and 2. he could do it!

My thouhts are thst losing power in Perth is so rare that I just need to have something I can do if it hsppens agaon.... I had a VA in the Philipines a few years ago, which was struck by a typhon and area whwre she lived lost pawer - she wrote to me snd said 

" Wayne, we don't have power so we are going to a shopping centre that has generator power and we will be off the air for about 4 hours whilst we take the bus there but we will be operational in the shopping centre."

How would you handle a power outage?

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