Monday, May 16, 2022

Haters are good for you!

 One of the things I have learned is that influence happens when people talk about you.

Way back when it was the way of the world to svoid negstive comments I hoped people would never find my wikipedia page because it had been written by a hater - when we were SACKED after a competitor had shown it to the head of the 2022 World Cip in Doha, Qatar.. The comment was [ I often repeated it but with tomgue in cheek] made by the person who was sacking us... ' You must be good if your gsovernment hstes you that much" however that was way back in 2005, over 17 years ago! And I have , as it turns out ' wasted many hours and been frustrated many timed, trying to grt the listing updated to reflect the true situation.

I have started listening to podcasts again and two I listen to make the comment unless it is absolutle slander it doe you good. In fact, Grant Cardone says..." Haters serve a purpose which means they spread your fame so that when people think of you product or service, they think of you."

My feelings were tested about this yesterdsy when an old friend tried to get s meeting with  a software devlper for me and the answer was "we would never meet with Wayne Mansfield even if our survival depnded on it"

My friend was all apologetic [ he had the call on speaker phone so I heard it all ] but I felt eleated because the decision was made because they knew me. They would spread the story again and more people would know of me.... suddenly I wanted people everywhere to hate me and thus spread the word about who I was.

Todays #Hashtags.

                1.        #NFT
                2.        #GST
                3.        #FYP
                4.        #MortgageRates
                5.        #BorderWars
                6.        #Floods
                7.        #Afl
                8.        #WOY
                9.        #Floods
                10.      #Ukraine.

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