Saturday, May 07, 2022

The federal election is fast approaching.

 Pre-poll voting starts in Australia on 9 May 2022.  If you can, cast a pre-poll vote at an early voting centre before leaving Australia. A list of available locations is available on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website.

If you can’t vote early before you leave, the AEC recommends overseas voters participate in this election by postal vote in case you are unable to vote at an overseas location. To cast a postal vote from outside Australia, you need to complete a postal vote application.

Postal voting

The AEC is working day and night to ensure postal votes are sent as soon as possible. Our embassies and consulates are already receiving and processing postal votes from Australians overseas.

  • Even though postal vote applications close on 18 May 2022, you’re encouraged to apply, complete and return your vote as soon as possible to ensure you beat the cut off.
  • To be counted, your postal vote must be completed and witnessed by 6pm AEST on 21 May. The AEC can only accept ballot papers received in Australia by 3 June 2022 (13 days after the election).

    Todays #Hashtags.

                    1.        #NFT
                    2.        #GST
                    3.        #FYP
                    4.        #MortgageRates
                    5.        #BorderWars
                    6.        #Floods
                    7.        #Afl
                    8.        #WOY
                    9.        #Floods
                    10.      #Ukraine

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