Friday, August 10, 2018

What are you doing?

Originally published in Rebootology

Yesterday, Anne, one of my early morning coffee companians, who appears homeless but I don't think she is [ she carries so much stuff and lately is porting a pink hair do ] stopped to ask me "what are you doing... I thought you were writing your autobiography" and it got me to thinking... maybe the books should be published in a "traditional form".

This morning the newsletter that grabbed me first was James Altucher's and he posed the question why and then listed the many reasons to write a book:

A legacy for your descendants. I would love if I could read a book written by my great-great-great grandfather describing what his life was like. 

What’s the audience for that book? Just his descendants. But that’s a decent reason.

Getting to talk about something you are passionate about.
Often people write a book to get speaking or consulting opportunities that are very lucrative. If a company is trying to decide between consultant A and consultant B, they will pick the person who has written a book. I know this to be true.

Practice. Many people write several books before they manage to produce their big bestseller that changes their lives completely. Book writing is a craft and, like any craft, it takes time to build the skill set.
You aren’t limited by genre. You can write a book that YOU want to write as opposed to fitting a specific marketplace.

To complement your business. A friend of mine makes a special kind of makeup and moisturiser catered to women going through menopause. So she wrote a small book about menopause that explains in detail the chemical and hormonal reactions in the body and how certain chemicals can help. This complements her product sales.

And I am sure there are hundreds of other reasons.... I will share a couple tomorrow.

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