Wednesday, August 22, 2018

7 Second Challenges - what are they?

Originally published in Rebootology

The 7-second challenge is popular because unlike other fun challenges, it easy, cheap and can be played anywhere; House parties, hangout with friends, school, detention, bridal showers.

The only problem with the 7-second challenge is that you can quickly run out of seven-second challenge ideas; things to do under seven seconds.

To solve this issue, here is a list of interesting seven-second challenge ideas. Not all the listed ideas can easily be completed within 7 seconds.

Where is the fun if there are only easy seven seconds ideas?


Counting 1-10 in another language.
Sing the Alphabets Backward.
Change your hair to a ponytail?
Name 5 breeds of dogs in 7 seconds.
Lick the tip of your elbow.
Paint one of your fingernails.
Touching all the walls in the house.
Place your foot over your head.
Draw the picture of your pet dog
Run up and down the stairs.
Brush your teeth
Touch your feet with your elbows.
Recite a poem about a disappointing ice cream.
Take off one sock.

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