Sunday, August 05, 2018

Never Good or Bad - it just is...

Originally published in Rebootology

Are you worried about the future?? Well you shouldn't be... it gets better but different every day.

Less death, less motor vehicle accidents, less crime, less war... but if you consume normal media you wouldn't believe it...

Harry is apparently happy with Meghan but Brad still longs for .... you know how it is ROYALS and CELEBS are all the go.

Interestingly old style retail is dying along side NEW style retail.. Dick Smith Foods closes and the world's biggest food delivery service exits Australia. Business is business, regardless of the year it started.

So, as I sit at my no 2 office [ the one that serves great coffee ] I am watching the rain piss down... the joy of living in Perth is that you wonder at rain... it does so rarely it is an event.

Remember it just is...

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