Friday, August 24, 2018

Tell us how we did...

Originally published in Rebootology

That is the email from my bank after my accounts were decimated by a fraud attack.

Well in a word SHIT!

After advising me some one was taking money out of my account by ATM use on the other side of the country - how did they get the pin number [ maybe a suspect ATM fitted with a camera?] - they cancelled my cards mid travelling, promised to send by registered mail, and a quicker fix was greeted with "If you are going to be unco-operstaive I can't help you CLICK hung Up "

Well a week and 1 day later still not fixed... replacement card arrives ordinary mail, call to bank says "Your call is important but we are busy waiting time 17 minutes...

I am reluctant to waste time giving feedback as they will obviously treat it the same way as they current treat me - like SHIT!

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  1. Anonymous3:22 am

    mind readers... makes you wonder, sorry to hear Wayne.
    You seem to get it all ways.