Friday, August 17, 2018

Carlton No I wasn't there... I am in my car in Perth 4000 kilometres away.

Originally published in Rebootology

Yesterday I went on a round trip to Moora via Jurein Bay - about 500 kilometres but before I left someone took out $100 from my bank account via a Mastercard and tried another $400 which my bank stopped... now that was happening in Carlton Victoria and I was in Perth Western Australia - about 4000 kilometres apart.

So, in the 500 kilometre drive we saw a few cars, millions of sheep and a couple of people - that is an area that is larger than many countries in Europe... not much has changed in 100 years there BUT 21st century robbers were at my bank account.

All's well except it will be 10 working days before a new card,

It reminded me of the saying everything that happens today was impossible sometime in the past - can you imagine being stolen from and it is happening 4,000 kms away... but some clever machine worked out that the transaction was fraud... however I had to wait 15 minutes on the phone "your call is very important to us but we are busy the wait is 10 minutes [ it was 15 ]" so by the time I spoke to some person I was agitated... maybe late for the Jurein appointment due in 2 hours... and without access to my $$$'s

Getting petrol at Gingers on the Great Northern Highway at Upper Swan [ yes it is a place ] I used the card but it was declined... so with internet banking... something that was "Impossible" 10 years ago, I transferred to a different card and was able to pay.

Lots to think about in a "Day in the Life".

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